Last minute, last night
30 Aug 2015

Last minute, last night

image via: WildYouth56 On a recent thursday

30 Aug 2015

image via: WildYouth56

On a recent thursday night, at 10:41pm, well after J and I had sacked it in, I got this text…

‘Where would u go out sunset and highland?

A few years ago, in a previous lifetime, that text would’ve drifted in the ether until i resurfaced from whatever debauchery was in action or I would’ve responded with a location and a time to meet me there!

These days, when we’re not working, the last place we want to be is any place where I have to stand in line to use a bathroom or raise my voice, even a little, to talk to a friend or ask for a drink.

Just because my own nightlife habits have changed, doesn’t mean the people who’ve always depended on me for direction on evening amusements should go aimlessly drinking and hanging out at mediocre, at best, establishments. No, as long as there is merriment to be had, it’s our business to help friends, colleagues, acquaintances and even strangers in search of fun, find their way.

Not exactly sure what my friend was looking for, I fired back with an assortment of options in the area he requested, varying levels of intensity.

Library Bar at Roosevelt Hotel

The Argyle

Three Clubs

Always eager for feedback after a recommendation, I was still awake when a text came through less than an hour later.

‘Roosevelt is perfect. Thx!’

And there was another message on my phone when I woke up the next morning.

‘Woo hoo. Three clubs!’

A very good night to him and a lovely morning affirmation for me :)

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