05 Sep 2015


After a busy week of site visits

05 Sep 2015

After a busy week of site visits in SD, j and I are happy to be relaxing at home this holiday weekend. Since our recent re-engagement with social media, we have started to have occasional ‘sessions.’ We both spend time reading and looking at things that spark interest, then talk about what we find and what we want to post ourselves.

Today, j discovered a very funny new social media sensation, Socality Barbie. An Instagrammer who posts pictures of a Barbie doll in iconically ‘Hipster’ scenarios with hilarious hashtags that mock the hipster/social media bonanza exploding everywhere these days. j reposted one of her favorite images of Socality Barbie on Instagram, and within a minute had 14 responses.

While she was looking at her feeds, I retreated from the web, back to the comforts of my Kindle. Right now, I’m reading Gretchen Rubin’s new book, Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives. One of the many helpful suggestions she makes about creating new habits is that doing something more often, ideally every day, is the best way to ensure that it becomes a true, deeply embedded habit. Because of the momentum gained from doing something regularly, it’s easier to keep it going.

When j shared her new find with me, inspired by the idea of humor as both a healthy habit and a good marketing tool, we came up with a new project – #hilarityhabit. Each of us will find something funny to post on our New West Co social media channels every day and tag it #hilarityhabit. Hopefully, this project will help the two of us hone the habit of looking on the silly side AND pass on the laughter we enjoy along the way.

image via: socalitybarbie

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