Brides Magazine Encore
29 Sep 2015

Brides Magazine Encore

#BridesRealWeddings We’ve held back on sharing this entry

29 Sep 2015


We’ve held back on sharing this entry as thrilling news came to us on September 8th, at the beginning of a solemn stretch of time.  September 11th was days away, then came word of the loss of a very dear friend’s family member, followed by the Jewish High Holidays. Now that the clouds have started to part, we are excited to share this wonderful bit of sunshine.

When J and I decided to get married, we were conflicted about whether to have a small, intimate wedding, with only our immediate family members, or to do something a bit more lavish and include the wider circle of souls who have supported and loved us as adults and as a couple. 

Being that we’re both event producers, this conflict didn’t last long.  Once we began the planning process, the synchronicity between she and I was an unmistakable affirmation of the decision to bring our lives together.  There was none of the mythological wedding mishegas.  It was like magic the whole way through, we just… agreed.  Our families were supportive and excited.  Our friends were game.

Not to say there were no stumbling blocks.  Our freelance careers were appropriately precarious and incredibly difficult to plan around, not to mention the impact that type of work has on finances, i.e. never knowing exactly when or how much money will be coming in.  Budget constraints meant that every single element was meticulously scrutinized and J and I were solely responsible for most of the key pieces of the puzzle. 


It was a labor of love, the greatest kind. Our own Midsummer Night’s Dream come true.  So, a year later, when we found out that Brides Magazine was interested in featuring our wedding in their April/May issue, we were astounded and delighted.  It’s a tremendous affirmation of our work and creative vision, not to mention, it gave us the chance to revisit all the marvelous memories in deep detail, and the magic was back with new breath.

If the article in the hard copy issue of Brides Magazine wasn’t enough, we were notified recently that they have included our story on their blog as well.  The post features several additional pictures that weren’t included in the print magazine, as well as more background and anecdotes about the whole planning process, from proposal to honeymoon.

We are incredibly grateful for countless reasons.  We are honored and humbled by the wonderful people in our lives, our parents, family and friends, the outstanding vendors who worked with us to create the event we envisioned, Castle Hill Inn for a flawless environment and exquisite cuisine, the state of Rhode Island for providing us with endless romance and inspiration, Mother Nature, for the wind and rain which brought an unnamable grace to our celebration and, of course, our fairy god-photographers Michelle & Thomas Gardella for so skillfully capturing our magical day, so now it can last forever.

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